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We all have a mission to complete.  We search to find meaning in our lives and share it with others.  There is a whole world out there with continuous suffering, grief, and pain . Despite that, people can make a difference.  It is necessary to have that certain inspiration for success,  that model for change, and that person who will  step up and do something despite impossible odds or while in the face of opposition.  

I have been dealt more than my share of obstacles in my life, yet I find myself still standing and doing so stronger than ever.   I have always dreamed about doing grand, meaningful things to make the world a better place.  I'm limited by my platforms as I'm not famous nor wealthy,  but what I do have is the passion to do something for the greater good. This website gives me the opportunity to bring awareness to things that should be done, need to be done,  and currently are being done by people who I believe to be true luminaries.   

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Lisa R Malone

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Lauren  Malone


Lisa R Malone

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Video Editor

Bora Bora

A small amount of courage can change everything.

It all begins with us.

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